Sunday, July 3, 2011


Now as you may have noticed I have never been one for taking people pictures, the world of landscapes and postcard pretty images is where I feel most comfortable. But just lately the opportunity arose for for me to get out and about with fellow photographers from my club with some models. The event was called 'Trash the Dress' where we had models in wedding attire and photographed them in unusual locations. It was great fun, so much so I recently did a second one. Lighting and exposure was definitely a challenge not to mention the endless editing and re-touching, but so worth it, I learned so much and if you do get the chance to expand your horizons and sneak out of your comfort zone I would strongly recommend it! Top tip: Buy yourself a reflector, they don't cost much and they make a world of difference.

Left: Jessica Right: April Jumping

Left: Happy Right: Rebecca

Postcard Girl

Rebecca looking fierce and demure

Happy presenting the perfect model pose

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