Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting Settled

So I have moved from the UK to Nova Scotia now as some of you who follow me on Flickr will already know. It has been hectic to say the least but things are starting to settle down. I have been lucky enough to get out and about seeing some new places and of course some of my old favourites from past visits.

I hope to bring you a few of these as I take more and of course in time I shall be adding them to my online shop at Red Bubble.

I have joined a local camera club here, and for those of you following the blog that don't belong to one, I urge you to. I was and still am, also a member of my local club back in the UK. I left on a high from that club having won both the trophies for prints and digital images which was a big thrill.

You can learn so much from other members and it's a fun way to expand your hobby!

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

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Jollence Lee said...

Hi Amanda, what a nice blog you have. Doing blog hopping and ended up here. Will be visiting your blog often then.

Jollence Lee