Friday, August 14, 2009

Dreamy Nature

My new 'Dreamy Nature' set is now available to buy in different formats from my Red Bubble Site. I will be adding more over time so please do check back and keep an eye out for new additions.

My intention was to create a vibrant 'mix and match' collection that would look good when hung together as smaller groups. I hope I have succeeded! I have grouped together some of my favourites here.

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f i Я a s said...

hello Sminks... love your new blog.. love the simpleness, and that banner on top is just toooo pretty... i wanna make one for myself now.. hehe..

looking forward to more n more blog posts here!

Susan Gary said...

AJ..this is gorgeous..I love how you did the framing things..I can't think what to call them..I worked very late today and am tired again..! Gr8 job you did here..your flowers are so gorgeous!

Amanda White C.P.A.G.B. said...

Thanks guys, much appreciated!