Monday, August 31, 2009 - Flash Websites for the Non-Technical

In all honesty I am not usually a fan of Flash based websites, for one they usually take too long to load and secondly, in some cases they tend to be more gimmick over content. That said they can be very attractive and what I am a fan of, is free stuff on the web. So if you are looking to create a Flash website and know nothing about Flash, here is a superb place to start. offers a free service to build and host your flash website. No technical skills required, (currently running in Beta), there are a selection of very appealing templates to choose from and the interface is extremely user friendly. With the free account your site will include ad banners for Wix, but you can upgrade to Premium at anytime, which opens up a range of extra features including unlimited pages, using your own domain and removing the ads.

I decided to give it a go, with a view to using mine as a mini portfolio and platform to link to my online store at Red Bubble check it out here and see what you think.

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Anonymous said...

The website looks great AJ but I'm starting to feel a bit like a stalker here because this may well be just what I need. This weekend I was bemoaning Wordpress' unique abilities to randomly muck up the way my photos look and saying that if I ever hope to promote myself online I'm going to have to find something a whole lot better ...Then you find this!

Amanda White C.P.A.G.B. said...

I am so glad to be of help, keep looking I tend to find all sorts across the web, bit of an addict for hunting down stuff :o)

Anonymous said...

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