Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flypaper Textures

Just lately I have been noticing more and more on Flickr the mention of Flypaper Textures being used on images, so I decided to check them out. There are three sets to choose from Tex Box One, Tex Box Two and a new addition Fly Edges. Having looked, I couldn't help myself! I bought Tex Box One and in my opinion the set is superb, a wonderful collection of subtle textures. My favourite of the set would have to Apple Blush (used on the image below). All the files are large and high quality. Tex Box One and Two are $35 each for a download and the Fly Edges set is $40. CD's can be sent at a small additional cost. Currently if you buy sets one and two together you can purchase the download for a special price of $65.

On the website you can also find some tutorials for getting the best out of your textures.
Delicate Duo, click image to view larger

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Rosy Outlook said...

Really beautiful, Sminks.
I've been seeing those around, too.
Thanks for all the info.

Anonymous said...

That's a nice texture Amanda...suits the shot perfectly :-)