Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Top Marks :o)

Last week at my local Camera Club we held our last internal competition of the season. It was 'open subject' so the images submitted were many and varied. I, as usual, had difficulty prior to the event deciding what to choose for submission (the decision making involved in selection nearly drives me round the twist as I have real trouble in making up my mind, nothing ever seems good enough to me) but in the end opted for two of my Alberta landscapes in the prints section. I was convinced they wouldn't do so well, but was hugely honoured and pleased when the judge awarded top marks for my 'Autumn on the Parkway' shot and better still I came second too with Spirit Island. For me the highest praise from the judge (well respected in our area) was the fact he said would love to hang the Icefields Parkway shot on his wall.

Autumn on the Parkway (Click image to view larger)

Spirit Island (Click image to view larger)

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David said...

That is quite a compliment when another photographer would hang someone else's photo on their wall! These are two beauties, and I personally love your Spirit Island shot.

Jayne said...

Well done Amanda - well deserved recognition. :)
These are both beautiful images but I think my favourite would be 'Spirit Island' for its wonderful sense of tranquillity.

Craig said...

Congrats Amanda! So well deserved. Both of these photos shine with excellence.

Rosy Outlook said...

Congratulations Amanda! While I am not surprised, I am nonetheless so very pleased for your recognition.
I love them both, too!!