Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gone all Flashy!

So a while back I talked about a company called Wix who offer a free service to build and host your flash website. No technical skills required, (currently running in Beta), there are a selection of very appealing templates to choose from and the interface is extremely user friendly. With the free account your site will include ad banners for Wix, but you can upgrade to Premium at anytime, which opens up a range of extra features including unlimited pages, using your own domain and removing the ads.
I was extremely pleased with the results of the free site and I decided it was was time to have another go at this, so this weekend I put together a new website and this time I upgraded the package to eliminate the ads. the combo package which I purchased costs $99 per year. Although I am personally a huge fan of free stuff and it pains me to pay, I thought it was about time I made the investment!

Here is the end result. Below is a screen shot of the gallery page, I like it and would love to know what you think and if you like it, why not give it a go yourself. To visit the new site click here

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1 comment:

Ray said...

nice site Amanda - well done... and good luck with it. I see you sell stuff through Red Bubble - does that work for you, I was going to try that also..?